Product Engineer

Pune, Maharashtra, India | Product Engineering | Full-time | Fully remote


What are we looking for??

  1. You are an engineer with an eye for constant improvement. You not only look at improving the code but also tooling, the commands you use, the user-facing documentation, and everything that makes great and beautiful products possible.

  2. You can talk fluently to computers: You will be coding in Golang majorly. 

  3. You really like to solve problems, complex engineering problems!

  4. You have some exposure/understanding of systems. Out of curiosity, you tried to understand the routing, load balancing in a web server, or how the Linux filesystem was built and structured the way it is. You may not have worked extensively but you definitely have dabbled with it and can think as well as understand how systems interact with each other.

  5. You can express ideas and your opinions and aren’t shy to say no if you don’t know something. We are not hiring Wikipedia after all, are we?

  6. You have working experience with cloud-native technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Service Meshes, and Distributed Tracing in some shape or form. 


What you will be learning and doing?


  1. You will be part of a team-building product to solve the next generation of problems in the programmable infrastructure. It’s you who will start with defining the feature and how it will make the life of the end-user better and then make it into a reality.

  2. You will most likely be programming in Golang (not to worry if you have not used them before, some of our best engineers started fresh on these languages after they joined us.)

  3. Most likely some part of your work might be open source and worthy of talking and presenting at conferences and meetups.

  4. You will be working with cloud-native technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Service Meshes, Distributed Tracing in some shape or form. 

  5. You will also be working with one or more public cloud platforms from AWS/Azure/Google Cloud Platform (again, you may not know any or some of these technologies and that is not a deal-breaker)

  6. Your workflow will be driven by tools such as GitHub, Slack, and a lot of asynchronous communication with distributed teams. “GitHub issues” will be your new re-incarnated Jira ;) 

 Experience: 2+ Years