Site Reliability Engineer : Kubernetes

Pune, Maharashtra, India | Full-time | Fully remote


What are we looking for??

  1. You have a good understanding and work experience in AKS, Kubernetes, and EKS.
  2. You are able to manage multi-region clusters for disaster recovery.
  3. You have a good understanding of the AWS stack.
  4. You have experience of production level in Kubernetes. 
  5. You are comfortable coding/programming and can do so whenever required. 
  6. You have worked with programmable infrastructure in some way - Built a CI/CD pipeline, Provisioned infrastructure programmatically, or Provisioned monitoring and logging infrastructure for large sets of machines.
  7. You love automating things, sometimes even what seems like you can’t automate - such as one of our engineers used Ansible to set up the Ubuntu workstation and runs a playbook every time something has to be installed.
  8. You don’t throw around words such as “high availability” or “resilient systems” without understanding at least their basics. Because you know that words are easy to talk about but there is a fair amount of work to build such a system in practice.
  9. You love coaching people - about the 12-factor apps or the latest tool that reduced your time of doing a task by X times and so on. You lead by example when it comes to technical work and community.
  10. You understand the areas you have worked on very well but, you are curious about many systems that you may not have worked on and want to fiddle with them.
  11. You know that understanding applications and runtime technologies gives you a better perspective - you never looked at them as two different things.

What you will be learning and doing?

  1. You will be working with customers trying to transform their applications and adopt cloud-native technologies. The technologies used will be Kubernetes, Prometheus, Service Mesh, Distributed tracing, and public cloud technologies or on-premise infrastructure.
  2. The problems and solutions are continuously evolving in space but fundamentally you will be solving problems with the simplest and scalable automation.
  3. You will be building open source tools for problems that you think are common across customers and industries. No one ever benefited from re-inventing the wheel, did they? 
  4. You will be hacking around open source projects, understand their capabilities, and limitations, and apply the right tool for the right job.
  5. You will be educating the customers - from their operations engineers to developers on scalable ways to build and operate applications in modern cloud-native infrastructure.

Experience: 5+ Years