Software Engineer - Frontend

Pune, Maharashtra, India | Product Engineering | Full-time | Fully remote


What are we looking for?

  • You understand the software lifecycle and love building great interfaces and experiences for users. As much as you love building the interfaces, you care equally about things not seen by users such as code quality, testability, and engineering practices.
  • You would like to build interfaces for enterprise customers and SaaS applications.
  • As much as you love the frontend, you love consuming the backend APIs and working with backend teams to bring ideas to fruition in products.
  • You would love to be the first engineer to bootstrap the first code & screen for a product in the cloud computing space which could have a massive impact on users and your growth trajectory.
  • The products will be built on top of open-source projects. BotKube ( is a ChatOps platform for Kubernetes and Fission ( is a FaaS platform for Kubernetes.

What do you have?

  • You are aware of Git/Github and CI/CD practices for software engineering projects.
  • You understand ReactJS/VueJS frameworks, have done hands-on projects, and are comfortable with efficient TypeScript.
  • Knowing React add-ons like Redux, React-Query or similar would be nice to have.
  • Beyond the code written in IDE, you care about taking it to production and finetuning your development to make this journey fast and smooth.

What you will get? 

  • You will work with engineers who are doing some cool stuff in the area of Containers/Kubernetes and learn a lot about the area.
  • You will be the first engineer to write the first line of code & screens and will have the autonomy to select technologies and frameworks and see them scale.
  • These applications will be hosted as a SaaS service and you will learn a lot about that area.
  • We are a fully distributed company so you can choose your location and work from there.
  • Don't take our word for it and verify by talking to someone directly, but you will work in a group where good culture and everyone's growth is cared for.

Interview Process: 

  • You talk to a hiring manager and get an overview of the role, company and discuss your aspirations. (~15 Min.)
  • You will work on a very short assignment to be done before you come in for an interview (Take home assignment ~2 hours max. Any projects you have done already are also good if you want to use them as an alternative)
  • The pairing round discusses code you wrote and how you wrote it and oh, No DSA questions at all! (~45 minutes)
  • The final round is a panel round to access your software design experience and talk to the actual team you will work with (~45 minutes)
  • Finally, talent and offer teams will reach out to you with feedback or offer as applicable. (~30 min max.)